House Urstadt

North of Branderscar, on the southern part of the mountain range that spans on the east side of Cambrian Bay, lies Cormyr, the gray elf citadel in the Kingdom of Talingarde.

Like all grey elves, they are alienated from the rest and have sealed the entrances to their Acropolis with powerful warding magic. They see themselves as the only true elves in the world and they are adamant in maintaining purity in their blood. Incest with other, inferior as they call them, elves and especially with races of not elven ancestry is disgraceful and punishable by death.

The gray elves are considered the strongest wizards worldwide. This is disputed by none, and one need only look at the Great Library of Cormyr to be convinced. Their whole existence is based on knowledge and continuous uninterrupted study of magic and the secrets of this world. The amount of knowledge possessed by the gray elves is daunting.

The society of gray elves in Talingarde is strictly hierarchical. At the top stands the Duke of Cormyr, hereditary office that can be inherited only by an offspring of the Urstadts, the Royal House of Cormyr. The Urstadt family was the first generation of gray elves to inhabit Talingarde. The magical and scientific knowledge they possess is formidable. For this reason, the entire citadel respects their power and obeys them.

Cormyr is an independent and self-governed city in the Kingdom of Talingarde. Up to this day, no talirean king has tried to claim the Acropolis or clash against the power of the Urstadts. Likewise, the gray elves care naught of the affairs of other races, so both sides ignore one another.

Cormyr took no part in the battle of Tamberlyn and chose no side during the war. Diplomatic relationships could never be established between Cormyr and House Barca. The gray elves could never tolerate the fact that the Kingdom is governed by half-breeds, and this was the main reason they became isolated and ceased all contact with the rest of the island. The prevalence of House Darius was initially viewed with acceptance but later gave birth to bitter disappointment because of the administrative incompetence and paranoia demonstrated by the descendants of Marcadian I the Victor. Fundamentalism has no place in the worldview of educated gray elves.

The Urstadt family, despite its massive strength and knowledge, has been plagued by a curse for centuries. An incurable and fatal disease claims most of its members and none so far has found a way to reverse it.

House Urstadt

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